About Candyass

Originally starting up in January 2012, Candyass Clubwear was about creating unique, bright and sparkly outfits for clubbing and raving around the UK in. After a couple of months, the Candyass name received a small following and the store was launched in March. It was great to be able to make my own custom rave wear and see my friends and customers in it too.

In 2013 I found a love for pole dancing and Candyass branched out creating fun, bold fitness wear including high waist knickers, booty shorts and hot pants in an array of fabrics (including for men!) for pole, aerial hoop and yoga. Over the years, I have attended pole dance and aerial events within the UK such as UK Professional Pole Championships and Pole World Festival, as well as sponsoring events within Europe.

Along the way I have designed and created outfits for promotional dance groups, stilt walkers, children's dance groups, MMA ring girls, wrestlers, group pole dancing competitions and many more. Some of those include the Bass Honeys, Lethal Theory Ladies, Sensation Entertainment, UMU Dancers, Amazon Girls, GTYM Promo Girls, ‚ÄčKrystlin Skye Entertainment and ‚ÄčElly Clibbens. I have also sold my clothing within SASS in Trowbridge and Momentum Pole & Aerial in Gloucester.

I am able to offer a range of clothing such as clubwear, rave dresses, pole wear, fluffy leg warmers and accessories at affordable prices. All items are handmade to order, in the heart of Gloucestershire and I offer worldwide shipping. The great thing about being handmade is it can be customised to your style.


Sensation Entertainment - photo by Abient Vista   Sensation Entertainment

Amazon Girls   Elly Clibbons - photo by Josie Maskell