Fluffy Leg Warmers

Made by a raver, for ravers!

Low price, great quality. Candyass Clubwear Fluffies are made from super soft, long faux fur with a stretchy Lycra band. They come in an array of colours including solid plain and a mixture of two colours and three. There are also double plain fluffy leg warmers like the Kawaii style. Over the knee and corset style fluffy leg warmers are available upon request.

The stretchy Lycra band can be matched to the fur colour or select an alternative colour from the drop down menu to create a contrast look. If you have picked an outfit and are looking for the fluffies to match, simply select 'Printed Fabric' from the drop down menu and they will be done in the same fabric used to make your outfit in.

There is an option to add matching wrist cuffs for a complete look.​

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